Tax Education

As the man behind Lloyds Management Services, Allen Lloyd has the knowledge and experience you can use.

Take advantage of Allen’s ten years with Canada Revenue Agency to get a rare behind-the-scenes look at Canada’s tax system and CRA.

Want answers about the grey areas of taxes? Allen has them. He will pull back the curtain and demystify Canada’s tax system.

Allen is available for one-on-one sessions of thirty minutes, an hour, or however long, you need to get answers. If group sessions are what you need, create an event and have Allen speak on a topic of your choosing. Allen has previously spoken to and continues to speak to audiences for groups such as Grow Vantage and the Business Enterprise Resource Network (BERN).

As part of his desire to educate the public on tax matters, Allen offers seminars through LMS on the following subjects:

  • Payroll information
  • Taxable benefits / Automobile benefits
  • Setting up and running a small business
  • Setting up and running a corporation
  • How to prepare your own income tax return

The purpose of these sessions is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities with regards to the various levels of government and agencies and your reporting requirements.

These sessions will provide you with relevant and timely information to either help manage your own business, your personal tax liabilities and or that of your clients. Each session cost of $25.00, per individual, is expected at the time of registration or soon thereafter for those paying by cheque or cash. E-Transfers are welcome.

Personal Income Tax & Benefit Return Seminar – Let us show you how to prepare your own income tax return! At this instructional hands-on session, you will learn how to report income, what deductions are available, and how to claim tax credits.

Starting and Running a Small Business Seminars – Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Morning Session – Learn about filing obligations and deadlines, how to register your business, when to register for GST/HST, rules regarding payroll deductions and so much more…
Afternoon Session Completing the Income & Expense form and other business returns, like use of home and vehicle, etc. Application of the knowledge learned in the morning session.

Payroll Information Seminar – Learn about payroll requirements for deducting, remitting, and reporting. *This session is a must for new employers.*

Taxable Benefits/Automobile Benefits – These sessions are designed for employers who provide benefits and allowances to employees, such as:

  • Automobile benefits
  • Board and lodging
  • Gifts and rewards
  • Group term life insurance policies
  • Interest-free or low-interest loans
  • Meals
  • Tool reimbursement or allowances
  • Transit passes or tuition fees

Introduction to Corporations – This three hour seminar is for newly incorporated businesses or for individuals that are considering incorporating. It will highlight areas that every corporate director should be aware of before incorporating.